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Whether you are performing on stage, presenting to a packed house, or leading a fitness class, your voice is your instrument. Samson has been making wireless equipment for over four decades, and is ready to make sure your voice is heard. With advanced wireless technology, these wireless microphones deliver crystal-clear sound that cuts through the noise. And with their innovative designs, easy setup, and robust transmission, you can count on them to hit all the right notes.

SAMSON XD0107-SW1398


AirLine XD Fitness Wireless

The AirLine XD USB Digital Wireless Fitness Headset System is the perfect solution for fitness instructors and performers on the go. This innovative system features the AHD micro transmitter mounted on a Qe headset microphone and the RXD2 USB stick receiver. With simple setup and one-touch pairing, the AirLine XD combines high-definition sound and true wireless freedom without the need for body packs or cables.

SAMSON XD0107-SW1398
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